Three things you need to actually sell your product

Three things you need to actually sell your product
Photo by Lorenzo Herrera / Unsplash

Building a great product isn't enough.

You also need these 3 ingredients:

路 Right buyers

路 Right positioning

路 Right communication channels

1\ Right buyers 馃檵

Does your product:

a) Solve current and/or anticipated problems

b) Create desired benefits

Lots of owners say they sell to "everyone".

But "everyone" is not a market.

Instead, pick specific, identifiable groups that your product can obviously help.


路 Fitness buffs who want to track workouts

路 Freelance copywriters who need 1-click invoice creation

路 High school students who need test prep for college entrance exams

2\ Right positioning 馃摙

Explain why YOU (rather than competitors) are uniquely suited to solving your buyer's specific problems or creating desired benefits.

Sell your strengths and downplay your weaknesses.

Your target buyers care most about certain specific things - not everything.


路 Fast food: Quick service & reasonable prices matter most to office workers on lunch break

路 Cleaning products: Kid-safe, eco-friendly floor cleaners matter most to parents of young kids

3 \ Right communication channels 馃摬

Your buyers congregate on certain preferred platforms.

Meet them where they are:

路 LinkedIn for B2B business owners

路 Twitch for under-35 video gamers

路 Twitter for SaaS copywriters

4\ Summary 馃摃

A great product alone isn't enough.

You also must:

1\ Sell to the right people

2\ Position yourself as uniquely suited for them compared to competing products

3\ Meet them on the platforms where they spend time