Business is fulfilling people's deepest wants

Business is fulfilling people's deepest wants
Photo by Etienne Girardet / Unsplash

Three thoughts for Sunday:

"Business" is fulfilling people's deepest wants.

Some of our most powerful ones are to:

· Be liked

· Gain status

· Preserve status

· Gain control over others

· Be freed from responsibility

· Increase mating opportunities

Bestselling products combine two or more of these.


Buyers don't only just judge you by your prices.

They're deciding whether or not your product can:

1\ Solve a current problem

2\ Solve an anticipated problem

3\ Create a desired benefit

Think about how you can fulfill one (or more) of these when creating your offer.


One is the most dangerous number.

Too many people sell one thing but when the market changes you may get wiped out.

In the beginning you want to focus on perfecting your 1st product.

But eventually you must diversify income sources if you hope to navigate inevitable changes.